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So to those who remember our fun last week with getting Candi’s license un-suspended, we’ll, we did that. It only cost a few hundred dollars that we don’t have. But then, on Friday, I get an email from our insurance company saying that our coverage is dropped for lack of payment. This struck me as odd, because I sure as shit didn’t have that money in my bank account anymore.

They say I haven’t paid since April. I have bank records that say otherwise.
Well, They say all I have to do is send them that info and they’ll look into it. I ask if we can get our insurance reinstated. The answer is yes, for $166 that they will reimburse back to us when they figure out what went wrong.
Uhhh... We don’t have that.
They say they’ll get back to me. In the mean time, Candi still has to go to work. She already had to take two days out to deal with the suspended license nonsense.
So all Candi had to do was go for two days or so without a car accident and everything would be fine.
We’re all physically okay, but I’m out of beer and my head is exploding.
GilaedPellaeon   Well that sucks
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