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yargithhangout up at 5
BeerNerdAh, kids movies before Columbine, 9/11 and Amber alerts.
Masterminds (1997) / Remember the Ferret
Civvie hates children AND Die Hard knockoffs. E-Mail: civvie...
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BeerNerdNew phone. Who dis?
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yargithsetup in a bit, around 5
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yargithLooks like monster hearts us the way to go. We had fun last night and now I have time to build a few threads before we get rolling. We have the following open: vampire, witch, werewolf, mortal, hollow, and the fae
Gads   Vampire sounds good to me.
m hearts skins
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yargith   created a new thread Dav after May in the Gaming general stuff forum
yargithSo the next game:
-Alpha dave options
1 SkyGuard Delta -Hero Young Avengers- System Masks PbtAE.(Powered by the Apocalyps Engen)
16-20 y/o next gen heroes on the airship Guardian 3, training to be the best, you are left in reserve as the First Guard (your mentors) head out leaving Slipscream (speedster/sound manipulation) in charge. All was going great until Doomtube (teleporter/ gadgeteer/ bomb guy/ ex boyfriend of Slips) somehow managed to pop in and kinda blow up the ship's main power and KO then kidnap Slip. so all you have to do is land a little helicarrier the happens to be falling, without power, right at Meta City, WHILE ON FIREANDSHIT!!!! No worries… you’re heroes right?
Oh and i guess find Slipscream and defeat Doomtube. And find out how he ported into the shielded skyship. Oh and how he knew the best place to put a handheld bomb to disable it in one go. Um… yea that should be right-easy.

2 Starwars Bloodstar -FFG SW- just need buy in from ya’ll. Get the roller app and i have a condensed rules thing.

3 St.Johns Street High -Monsterhearts PbtAE- High School and be real killer here in Gunterston Georgia. There are a few new kids this year, which is good as what happened to those students last year. Romantic horror highschool kids with monsters. Kinds reverse buffy.

4 Providence by Knight: DarkThoughts -Modified PbtAO with playbooks just for this game. During the late events of the PbK campaign, taking place after we left off. New characters meet in the Circus Noctus and get involved in dark deeds. The Pentad had hired you to do a job, and it went well for the most part. Just one last thing to do. At least Mercedies pays well

5 Pirates! In any one of 4 flavors: dungeons and booty dnd5 on the are sea,. Steam and sky in Savage or dnd,. In the night sky of the imperium Daius Astra universe as rogue smuggelrs.. or black pearl style

Please, if you have comments or a game idea you want to run, post below!
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