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yargithOver the broken ruins of a thousand kingdoms he flies, The raven rides the soot filled skies over armies that crash like waves of blood over broken earth. Dodging between stone and arrow racing to a thin line that slices the sky in two like a sword cleaving down from the heavens onto the broken mountains below. It is death’s spear threatening the very sun. Thrauffaggner Darkeye races impossably fast over vast kingdoms overrun with wilderness, and seas littered with the shattered bits of once proud armadas, now just so much flotsam.

Skywrender Spire ascends from the breach in the underworld a six hundred sixtysix marks in the aether. A full third of the way to Soluura’s ark. Pulsing with light and death, it is a thing of hubris and vanityand madness. Darkeye knows the Ultifice sits there at the top and waits the alignment of Soluura Sunstar Flamehair and Theth Lunlux with all the world of Ter in the center. Maldeeth is mad enough to break the last bastion of the light and break open the Underworid, to be the one to rule and remake the world, but does he not remember the Eld?

Thrauffaggner finnally makes the Spire, a full mark wide and races up up and ever up to the top. The sky loses its color this high and he can see all the way to the great rim. To the places where Ulvaddr King stretched the flesh of Gainnash Eld out to make the world as one would stretch out the flesh of a beast to tan on a rack. All the uneven mends of the godstich making the mountains, all the pools of her icor that settled to make the seas, all the places of Ter laid out like a vast map with a fine spear thrust up into the edge of heaven. It is almost too late to stop the ringing of doom.

Yet in the final hour of all time Darkeye reaches the top, where the Ultifice sits, and where Maldeeth waits, for Him. As Thrauffaggner meets the eye of the beautifull horror that was once his brother Maldeeth smiles and casually gestures with a thin and almost delecate arm slamming Thrauffaggner up and unto the Ultifice spearing him on the black blade. It is a twisted thing made of the warped and melded weapons of the guardians of passing: Twilight Skain the sythe of Aztral Nochtsistra who is Lady of night; Uitbarsting Warhammer of Valcat Ter Thunderer, lord of the underworld; And Sylcrest Nightsun the bow of Theth Lunlux sister moon to Soluura and Aztral, who are the fates who sing in the sky. Darkeye realizes his part in the end and smiles even as his power is drawn off to fuel the Spire. From his lips a vomitus eruption rains down unleashing the heroes he ate, and laying the last fate of ever in the hands of the boy Jordan and his battered band of heroes.

As darkeye fades into unbeing he sees the boy raise Ulvaddr’s Sword Alleskiver and let out his cry “I end thee Maldeeth as the song tells, I am Lights hope. I am Ends Doom!” and just as Thrauffaggner lets his spark fade thinking the song would still be sung eternal, as the final hour fades and the fight rages to its end, Maldeeth’s ravagers erupt from the Soulstone floor and join the fray. The Children of the fall have come.
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